Rollerball Pens

Are pens which use ball point writing mechanisms with water-based liquid or gelled ink, as opposed to the oil-based viscous inks found in ballpoint pen. The characteristics of these less viscous inks, which tend to saturate more deeply and more widely into the paper than other types of ink, give rollerball pens their distinctive writing qualities. The rollerball pen was initially designed to combine the convenience of a ballpoint pen with the smooth "wet ink" effect of a fountain pen

Advantages over ballpoint

A rollerball has three advantages over a ballpoint: first, less pressure needs to be applied to the pen to have it write cleanly. This permits holding the pen with less stress on the hand. Second, the inks are usually more brightly and variously colored, due to the wider choice of suitable water-soluble dyes, or to the use of pigments. Third the ink is more secure that ball point ink. Ball point ink can be chemically removed from checks in a process called Check Washing.

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