Olive Wood

Olive Tree

The olive tree is native to the Holy Land where it has been cultivated since ancient times. According to historians, the first olive groves took root in the Holy Land and along the coast of the eastern Mediterranean around 4,000 B.C. It is a slow growing tree which fills during the first 7 years of it's life. It is especially productive thought out her life. Growing to heights ranging from 10 to 40 feet (3 to 12 meters), Reaching the age of 200 the trunk disappears, shoots develop at the base of the trunk which eventually grow into a new tree, hence the reputation as the immortal tree.

Between April and June a multitude of small, white perfumed flowers appear in groups under the preceding year's leaves. They only last a few weeks. One olive is born for about 20 flowers. Normally the first flowering only takes place after about 8 years.

"Out of the ground, the Lord God made to grow every tree that is pleasant for the sight and good for food, the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." Genesis 2:9"

Out of great respect, the people of the Holy Land protect (at times with their lives) the trees refusing to ever cut them down. In the middle of October, the people of the Holy Land pick the olive fruits to either press them and get the olive oil or to make olive to eat and cook. Once the oil has been pressed out of the olives what remains can be used to make pure olive oil soap. This reminds us of how Jesus was pressed down in pain in the Garden as He prayed and how His expressed love for people cleanses and washes away the sins of the world. Once the olives have all been picked it is time to cut the branches and begin the pruning process. These sacred and holy olive trees require that we use hand saws only because of the danger electric and gas saws inflict upon these trees. In the Holy Bible, Jesus spoke of pruning that, there might be stronger life. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes [15:2 The Greek for prunes also means cleans.] so that it will be even more fruitful. --John 15:2

In the Book of Genesis the dove sent out from the ark by Noah returned with an olive branch (Genesis 8:11). Here it became the great symbol of peace, indicating the end of God's anger.