Carob Wood

Rachel's Tomb

The Carob Tree is the only Tree in the Holy Land that can outlive the olive tree. The carob fruit is known as St. John's bread. You can count the Carob Trees in Bethlehem using your fingers because they are very few. The most popular one is the tree by Rachel's Tomb at the entrance of Bethlehem on the Bethlehem Jerusalem Road. It is said that this same tree had witnessed the burial of Rachel to what became known as Rachel's Tomb. The picture of this same tree was used in the first country stamp in 1948.

The seeds of the Carob Tree is the ancient and original weight used by goldsmiths for a carat. Because the carob seed is always the same weight. On the other hand the Carob wood has a varying and different color. It ranges from dark red to pink and creamy colors and some have veins running through the wood.